Hospitality Assignments  Bee Sharps Bee

Hospitality Staff:  Refreshment Assignments & Duties

September 2019 - May 2020

Please find your name in the table below, and note which food and drink items that your team is responsible for providing.

NOTE:  If you are unable to attend the assigned dance, please work with your team to provide the assigned refreshments or change dates with another member.

Please arrive by  7:00 PM  in order to help set up the dance hall and refreshment tables.  (The closet on right side of the stage holds our supplies.)

Prepare the following, and place on refreshment tables:
    1)   Hot water pot for tea and instant coffee ;
    2)   Cold water/ice jug and punch bowl ;
    3)   Cups and paper supplies.

At the end of the dance, please clean up food and drink items, and return the church tables and chairs to their original locations.

For questions or assignment changes, please contact Jack & Sallie Trainor at:  (732) 752-4212 .

 Team A  Team B  Team C
  Half & Half
Food Items  (3)
  Sprite  (2 Large Bottles)
  Hawaiian Punch  (
2 Bottles)
  Food Items  (3)

Food Items  (3)
   9/13/2019 Kleszyk Smythe Ammon
   9/27/2019 Huhn / Grant Kushla / Ross Tien / Patton
   10/11/2019 Marlowe Autenrieth Duncan / Moore
   10/25/2019 Heaphy Horowitz / Allen Ross / Uudna Tammaru
   11/8/2019 Trainor Artfitch Marlowe
   12/13/2019 Smythe Ammon Greenberg / Perlowitz
   12/27/2019 Tien / Patton Kleszyk Autenrieth

   1/10/2020 Ross / Uudna Tammaru Horowitz / Allen Kushla / Huhn
   1/24/2020 Horowitz / Allen Marlowe Huhn / Grant 
   2/14/2020 Greenberg / Perlowitz Duncan / Moore Heaphy
   2/28/2020 Trainor Ammon Artfitch

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