Square Dance Lessons

  BEGINNER ("Mainstream")  SQUARE DANCE LESSONS START     Tuesday,  February 11, 2020  !

  Time:   7:00 - 9:00 PM

  Location:   Adamsville Elementary School  (Gymnasium),  400 Union Avenue (Rt. 28),  Bridgewater, NJ ;   See map below.

  Dance Partner:   Not Required.   Bring yourself, your partner, or your group !

  Registration / Questions:   FB Messenger ("Bee Sharps")  or  Cearnach.Dannsa@gmail.com

  Schedule:   Weekly on Tuesdays,  7 - 9 PM

  Fee:   $5 / Session

  Refreshments Served:   Yes !

  Check our  Website  and  Facebook page  for updates !

  NOTE:   A  FREE  Introductory Lesson & Open House  will be held on  Tuesday,  February 4, 2020,  7:00 to 9:00 PM   at  Adamsville Elementary School.

    Dance Partner:   Not Required.   Come one, come all !

    Registration / Questions:   FB Messenger ("Bee Sharps")  or  Cearnach.Dannsa@gmail.com

    Refreshments Served !

  Would you like to find out what Modern Western Square Dancing is all about?

  Join us on  Tuesday,  February 11, 2020  for the start of a lesson series in  Beginner  Modern Western Square Dancing.  Bring your friends, and make it an evening out.

  The modern western square dance is probably not like the square dancing you are expecting.  It uses lively music of all kinds, and the figures are not repetitive.
  It is great exercise for both the body and the mind.

  Fifty (50) to seventy (70) Mainstream calls will be taught to prepare you for dance club and association dances throughout the year.

  Dance lessons start at 7:00pm, and go to 9:00pm.  No square dance experience is necessary, and a partner is not required.

  Dress is casual, and refreshments are served.  
Comfortable clothes are suggested, and please wear soft-soled shoes.

  Classes are taught at the  Adamsville Elementary School  in Bridgewater  at 400 Union Ave. (Rt. 28)  on Tuesdays from  February  to  early June.

  The Spring 2020 season's lesson fee is  $5.00  per dancer per session.

  For further details, email  Nancy Ammons  
or  Wes Thielke .   AND download our  Bee Sharps Square Dance Guide !

Adamsville Elementary School, 400 Union Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ

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