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The  Bee Sharps Square Dance Club  was founded in 1974 in Somerville, NJ.  The Bee Sharps dance the CALLERLAB Plus Program.

The club welcomes 
Singles, Couples, Teens, Adults, & Seniors.

Our club dances from September through May on the second and fourth Friday evenings at the Bound Brook United Methodist Church.

We begin with Round Dancing at 7:30 pm,  followed by alternating Plus Program tips with Round Dancing from 8:00 pm to 10:15 pm.
If there are enough Advanced Program dancers, an Advanced Program tip is held at 10:15 pm.

Please come and dance with us!  For additional information, email Bee Sharps!


  • TONIGHT's  Friday, March 13, 2020  Dance  -  CANCELLED

  • Bee Sharps'  Beginner ("Mainstream") Square Dance Lessons  -  Tuesday,  March  17  &  24:   POSTPONED
       Stay tuned to our  Website  and  Facebook Page  ("@BeeSharps")  for updates.

  • 2019 is the Bee Sharps Square Dance Club's  45th Anniversary !  Come dance and celebrate with us!
    See our  2019-2020 Dance Schedule  (Print Version) .

  • Want to learn to square dance?  Visit the  SD Lessons page.

Why Square Dance?

September 2019  is International Square Dancing Month!  Get out for lessons and dancing this Fall!
NJ Governor Murphy's Executive Proclamation!

Square dancers meet other dancers from their own community, other cities, other states, and even other countries!
All the calls are the same no matter which country you visit!

Square dancers walk an average of 5 miles during a two-hour dance.  What a great way to get exercise without really trying!

For Home-Schooled Teens, square dancing lessons & dances may satisfy New Jersey's  Health/Physical Education Requirement  of 2.5 hours/week. 

Square dancers learn to execute many calls which can be given in any order.  Dancers can progress through the different CALLERLAB programs:
Basic,  Mainstream,  Plus,  Advanced and  Challenge.  Most dancers dance at the
Plus level.  Bee Sharps is a Plus Program club.

  It's FUN!
There is a different caller at each dance and each caller has a unique style.  Square dancers add their own special moves and sound effects
to make the dancing more exciting.  When dancing, you forget your daily worries and just concentrate on the dancing.


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